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Manufacturers of OE and Customised Vehicle Windows

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Panoramic Components designs, manufactures, supplies and distributes OE (original equipment) and customised glass and aluminium window components to the automotive industry in South Africa and Africa.

Providing professional, personalised service since 1979, we deliver high-quality auto glass products to major vehicle manufacturers and the private, aftermarket modification market.

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Panoramic Components designs, manufactures, supplies and distributes auto glass components to the automotive industry in South Africa and throughout Africa.

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Fully Customisable Auto Glass

Panoramic Components manufactures a complete catalogue of glass products used by the automobile industry.

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What we Offer

The type of window and frame used in a vehicle is based on several factors, including safety, aesthetic, and required level of customisation.

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Who We Service

Personalised Service for Major Manufacturers and Aftermarket Installers

Panoramic Components manufactures a full range of standard and custom-designed auto glass.  Our products can be tailored to client specifications and requirements across automotive industries from commuter transport and leisure vehicles to the long-distance freight and heavy-duty OTR sector.








Panoramic Components is ISO 9001:2015 compliant.  We are process-driven with a strong focus on customer service.  By aligning ourselves with this internationally recognised quality management system, we ensure that we deliver consistent, high-quality service and products.

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South African SABS (SANS) certification

Partnered with CSG – Certified Safety Glass

US department of transportation (DOT) standards

Europe ECE R43 EU (E1-Mark)